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‘Survival of the fittest’ — a concept coined over a 150 years ago forms the basis of human evolution. At evolv, physical superiority has transcended into new theory, survival of the most well-rounded and holistic. We are committed to creating a class of versatile and exceptional youth that excel in every sphere of life. 

Established in 2019, we are a conglomeration of diverse minds set out to spark change in the world. Embracing change, the only constant in this rapidly developing world, we want to empower the 21st century class of youth towards betterment, and thereby ‘evolv.’ Through short, yet powerful talks from inspirational world leaders, we encourage everyone to mould their way of reasoning by recognising the ‘power of thought.’ 



“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

Leo Tolstoy

Why evolv

The mind being our most powerful tool, the ‘power of thought’ is something we truly emphasise on. We believe it is our ‘thoughts’ that influence our attitude and control our actions. ‘Evolve’ meaning development and progression has now emerged as ‘evolv’, to reduce redundancies and only impart knowledge that is relevant and valuable. evolving means to find new and innovative ways to spread our message; weekly blogs and short yet crisp educational videos are our current focus. Our ethos, the strong desire to be unconventional, signifies the need to break boundaries and be different while simultaneously focusing on the convergence of cultures. 

Our Mission

Missionevolv aims to accelerate learning experiences and spread ideas by breaking the barriers of modern education. Education, we believe, should be easily accessible as well as dynamic, thereby, enticing students to ‘want’ to know more instead of being ‘forced’ to do so. At evolv, we aim to achieve this through curated speeches covering a plethora of topics from this era. We envision a student-centred platform where brilliant minds can come together to embrace their uniqueness and share knowledge while reaffirming the ‘power of thought’ 



Our Conferences

The vanguard of change, evolv believes that ‘interaction’ between the speaker and listener is of utmost importance. Our conferences will entail live talks followed by a session of discussion. Our vision intact, we want to inculcate the desire to learn and spark curiosity in young minds, through unconventionality.

Infused with youthful exuberance and modernity, our conferences invite speakers to talk about specific enlightening topics. The event starts of with a short speech followed by a candid conversation with our guest speaker and a rigorous question-and-answer session with the audience, concluding with a meet-and-greet session, allowing the viewers to personally interact with our guest of honour. 



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